Financial Solutions for your Business

Business owners sometimes require financial advice too. We assist business owners in addressing a range of challenges that may arise:

  • Investing the financial reserves of the business in a risk appropriate way
  • Planning for the retirement of the business owner and other key executives
  • Assisting your employees with their retirement planning
  • Protecting your business against the financial impact of a death or serious illness of one of the key people in the business

We apply the same rigorous planning approach when assisting companies in addressing their financial challenges. We help you to clarify your objectives and then devise a plan for you. We help you put any required solutions in place and then we work with you into the future, adapting the plan as your business grows and changes.

The solutions that we implement for companies include:

  • Corporate investments and deposits
  • Executive pension plans
  • Group pensions schemes for employees
  • Partnership insurance
  • Key employee cover
  • Co-Director Insurance
  • Self Directed and Self Administered Pensions