Planning Your Retirement

Put simply, planning for your retirement means saving over the long term so that you can have sufficient income to maintain your lifestyle when you stop working.

People are living longer in retirement than ever before, and as a result people will have to work longer than ever before to fund their retirement. On top of this, are you aware that from January 2028, the state pension will not be available to people until age 68? The importance of early and adequate pension planning is essential.

We can advise you on the best retirement plan / option for you; depending on whether you are employed, self-employed or a company director, our advice enables you to take advantage of the generous tax reliefs that are on offer. We will advise you in relation to:

            • Personal Pensions
            • Executive & Group Pensions
            • Self Directed and Self Administered Pensions (Personal & Corporate)
            • Post Retirement Advice (ARFs and AMRFs)

We also provide a regular review of your pension needs, allowing us to make alterations as you get older and as your retirement needs change.

Then when you actually reach retirement, we will help you put the right post-retirement product in place to suit your specific income requirements, your inheritance objectives and your tax position.