Cashflow Planning: 9 Ways It Will Transform Your Finances | a real client example


In today’s challenging economic times, it is more important than ever to have a plan for your future. Especially since many people are struggling financially and don’t know how to get back on their feet.  If you want to be prepared for the future, Cashflow Planning can help you figure out what your goals are and create a plan that will work with your budget – even if you live paycheck-to-paycheck!

What is Cash Flow Planning?

Simply put Cashflow Planning shows you in real time – where you are now, how much money you could have in the future and whether you are on track to achieve your financial goals. It will help give you a better understanding of how you spend your money and how you can make it work harder for you.

It is based on facts! You have a certain amount of money to spend each month and how you spend your money will impact on your future finances – either positively or negatively.

How can Cashflow Planning help you?

Cashflow Planning makes the financial process simpler, more visual and engaging for you – the client! It uses sophisticated software where you input details of all your income and expenditure (the hardest part is being honest with yourself and us!). This information is collated and then analysed by us and a Financial Plan is put in place based on your own financial goals. It is avery helpful tool when making important decisions about your money.

Here are some of the benefits to you:


  1. Shows you where your money is going and where savings can be made
  2. Helps you set short, medium and long term financial goals
  3. Helps you to think about your future, what you want to achieve and when
  4. Shows if you need to take more or less risk with your investment strategy
  5. Shows the impact if your income stopped suddenly (through job loss, illness or death of an earner)
  6. Shows what changes you need to make now in your plans to achieve your goals
  7. You can explore many different scenarios in one meeting and visually see the results
  8. Shows how you would be affected by a market crash
  9. Most commonly used for Retirement Planning


Real Client Example

Let us illustrate how useful Cashflow Planning can be through an example of a real client we recently helped – a single lady in her 40’s. She approached us for a review on her finances and wanted her money to work better for her.

Her main worry was that as a single person, working part-time, she couldn’t afford to save for her future and felt vulnerable.

We took a look at all her income and outgoings, and discovered with a little adjustment she could do the following:

  • Pay off her car loan using current savings (was paying a high interest rate)
  • Found some ways to increase her income
  • Cancelled some subscriptions she agreed she was not getting value from
  • Put Personal Cover in place – Specified Serious Illness Cover
  • Started to provide for her retirement via a PRSA via salary deduction with her Employer
  • Consulted her solicitor about making a will

Her feedback was very positive and she regretted she didn’t consult with us earlier in her career but now feels more secure about her financial future and has a clear plan in place with us to guide her through it. As with everything in life, a Financial Plan can change throughout the years, and we will review her Financial Plan and see if any changes need to be made.

We were delighted to learn that since meeting with us, our client has taken up full-time employment and is looking at setting up her own business.

We are very passionate about Cashflow Planning and strongly believe it has the ability to transform the financial planning process for you! It a valuable visual representation of your life and is easy for you to engage with and easy to understand.

Financial Freedom is possible and we can help you on the right path through our Cashflow Planning service. Being aware of your spending is the first step towards helping you achieve your goals.

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