Dealing with Claims

As part of my job, I am there for clients when they are experiencing a life changing event. Sometimes it is the death of a loved one, or they may have been diagnosed with a Serious Illness. I help deal with the life companies on their behalf, and advocate for them to ensure the claim can progress with as little disruption to the client, in an already challenging time. Our ethos is to ensure the client can focus on what matters most and do not have to worry about additional paperwork or following up on the progress of their claim themselves

I have helped people through the process of a successful claim on Specified Serious Illness policy and have been lucky enough to get positive feedback from clients. One client went on a holiday of a lifetime with their family when they had finished treatment for their illness. Recovery from a Serious Illness can take many forms. While some people make a full recovery, others can face life altering effects. Regardless clients are always relieved to have the reassurance of this cover that provides a cushion and peace of mind during a tough time.

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is more than facing ill-health. It means juggling home life with hospital appointments, physio, occupational therapy and more. At such a vulnerable time you don’t have the time and energy for the everyday tasks such as cooking and cleaning and more that still need doing. With this valuable cover, you can still keep on top of mortgage/rent payments, child-minding costs and additional costs that come with treatment. Clients face hidden costs such as overnight stays in hotels or B&Bs before an early morning appointment, or trains, taxis and car-parking costs. It could also fund a cleaner or meal service.

Life may look different after experiencing loss, or having faced a serious illness, but with cover in place, you or your loved ones have this safety net. It’s a topic people don’t always know how to broach, but no one ever regrets putting Life Cover and Specified Serious Illness in place. You can be at peace knowing you have left something making it possible for your loved ones to fulfill those dreams you had for them – further education, a deposit for a home, travel and so on.

No matter what type of claim you have, we are committed to upholding Empathy and Trust as key values. We know that making a claim can be a deeply personal and emotional experience. That is why Sunrise Financial Planning aspire to give our customers the due care, attention and understanding that they deserve while also ensuring practical efficiency at every point of the claims process.

Did you know?

• In Ireland 1 in 3 men will get cancer by age 75.
• In Ireland 1 in 4 women will get cancer by age 75.
• Five-year average net survival of Irish cancer patients for the diagnosis period 2014-2018 is 65%.
• Approximately 7,500 people suffer a stroke in Ireland annually.

Sources: National Cancer Registry of Ireland (2021) Cancer in Ireland 1994-2019: Annual Report of the National Cancer Registry; Irish Heart Foundation 2022


“Life is a gift.
Never forget to enjoy and
Bask in every moment
You are in.”

by Deirdre O’Doherty