Podcast 1 – Welcome to the Expert Financial Advice Podcast Series

This is the first of the Expert Financial Advice podcasts that we intend on sharing. These podcasts, produced by the Irish Broker, will cover a range of topics which will help you feel more comfortable around all things financial. This series of podcasts aims to answer questions about money and personal finances and cover a broad range of topics including the likes of managing household finances; purchases, pricing and product; saving & investing; planning your retirement; taking on debt and keeping yourself financially safe and sound. Its ideal for financial beginners and this is the first of 6 episodes.

Tune in now and listen to the first podcast which focuses on money and the different forms of money, the meaning of legal tender, and how to use and store money safely. It will also cover currencies/foreign exchange and some things to watch out for here. It delves into the whole area of income, payslips and keeping yourself on the right side of the Revenue Commissioners and understanding your rights and obligations.