You can’t predict the future, but you can be ready for it.

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At what point in the past 12 months did you realise that the control of your daily life or planning capacity was being challenged, turned on its head or made redundant?!

If you haven’t questioned anything yet, you may not need to read further and well done!….If you are that person, you are like the vast majority of us, which is ok too.

Taking back control was a slogan cleverly deployed by the Brexit campaign from 2016 onwards. It worked, and worked for good reason. People wish to feel in control of as much as they can, yet most things over the past 12 months have been out of our control, from health, to school closures.

If you are lucky to be still working away, taking back control or ownership of your personal finances is achievable and makes so much sense.

For Sunrise Financial Planning, there are 5 key areas of financial consideration to reflect on:

  1. Protect your downside. Is that your income, your fellow business owners, your own life as a parent or breadwinner? COVID-19 has shone a light on health in a way never seen before.
  2. Your far away from your mind “Bucket List” probably came back to the fore during COVID-19 with so many restrictions on our lives. How and when are you going to check a few things off your list? Is it in retirement, or post your kids leaving the nest with that mortgage final payment? Think about what you actually want your pension or savings to do for you!
  3. If you’re a business owner, how are you planning an exit or sale and how are you going to extract maximum value for yourself after withstanding a turbulent period?
  4. If you had to dip into your savings over the past 12 months, how are you going to replenish this, or plan your recovery of savings?
  5. If you have changed jobs or lost a job, do you know what you have in terms of benefits, old pensions etc?

Talk to us today to plan your future.