Your Second Life !

Really enjoyed Standard Life’s webinar this morning – Inspiring a Conversation. It’s aim was to inspire more conversations with women on retirement planning. It was an energetic and thought provoking conversation.

We need to help women plan for their “Second Life” – not Retirement! How do we do this without using the P word? 😉
We need reframe the language we use to make it easier for women to engage in planning for their future.

It is hard to envision your future you. Life is so busy for many of us, it is often hard to find the head space. It can be hard to plan for tomorrow let alone in 20 years time!

The Second Life questionnaire is a good starting point to help think about the life you want to live.

If you want to start a conversation around your Second Life contact me

Sonya Lennon
Sinead McEvoy AIIPM
Fiona Keane