Your Second Life !

Really enjoyed Standard Life’s webinar this morning – Inspiring a Conversation. It’s aim was to inspire more conversations with women on retirement planning. It was an energetic and thought provoking conversation. We need to help women plan for their “Second Life” – not Retirement! How do we do this without using the P word? 😉 […]

A realistic budget that works !

As we are well into the New Year now is a good time to look at your budget and review your finances for the coming year.  Budgeting will help you understand if you are living within your means or it can help you make your money work harder for you.  It’s a great way to […]

Volatility in the markets causing you worry?   We tend to forget that volatility is part and parcel of investing.  Changes in values will happen over time – both upwards and downwards!   Investors often ask what they should do when the markets experience a period of uncertainty. Simply sticking with your long-term financial plan […]